NowRise Mindset Mentoring Program –– Becoming Unstoppable
Becoming Unstoppable–NowRise Mindset Program
Becoming Unstoppable–NowRise Mindset Program
Becoming Unstoppable–NowRise Mindset Program
NowRise Mindset Mentoring Program –– Becoming Unstoppable
Becoming Unstoppable–NowRise Mindset Program
Becoming Unstoppable–NowRise Mindset Program
Becoming Unstoppable–NowRise Mindset Program

Becoming Unstoppable–NowRise Mindset Program

Sale price $899.00

This unique and powerful 8-week program is not for everyone. It’s not for the fainthearted, it’s not for the fear-filled, and it’s not for the complainer and blamer. This program is for the mature and hungry. This program is for individuals who are in it to win it and set on accomplishing their goals. This program is for those who have one option: to SUCCEED and ENJOY the process. If you like the way this sounds, keep reading; if not, I wish you the best of luck in all that you do.

A leader is distinguished as a visionary, and Richard Martinez is no exception. He has taken the risk and put in the work of crossing language barriers and has been dedicated to transforming nations through education and powerful training. He has been equipping and empowering people for over 15 years and in over 25 nations. Richard seeks to bring clarity and guidance during this time of crisis, confusion, and uncertainty. Because of the fear and problems in the world right now, he has decided to put together this special program at a very low cost to contribute in this time of great need. Your coach Richard is here to serve you.

Richard took a group of people through this program at the very beginning of Covid season, and the results were incredible. We measured the growth throughout the program, and the average growth was 80%! The NowRise team has strategized and made the program even better than before! This time we added three more expert coaches to add value to the exclusive group and be guest speakers for your weekly training. Our group will have engaging questions, polls, and challenges to accelerate your growth. See some testimonials from Richard's past program, below!

Program Breakdown:

  • Cost: $899 for 1 membership (The more memberships you bundle the more you save)
  • Eight weeks of mentoring and motivating.
  • 1.5 Hour Webinar on Zoom each week on Wednesdays, 7 - 8:30 PM PT.
  • Exclusive Telegram Chat Group with  24/7 access to 4 expert coaches, other program members & daily content posted.
  • Life Mastery System Monthly Planner.
  • Mindset T-shirt & Certificate of Completion.

The way you prepare your mindset will determine the level of courage, capability, and confidence you will have in life. This program will train you to use powerful mindset tools essential to achieving goals, overcoming bad habits and behaviors, and developing new skills that will set you up to succeed. This program will give you the tools to RISE even amid this crisis! Are you ready? Let’s go! If you know someone like-minded, you can invite them into this 8-week program but act fast because space is limited.

Program Start Date is Monday, February 8th, 2021.

  • On this date, you will be entered into the exclusive Telegram chat group to begin receiving mentorship and coaching.

Weekly Training Sessions: All Sessions will be on Wednesdays from 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM PT.

February March
Wednesday,  Feb 10th Wednesday, Mar 3rd
Wednesday, Feb 17th Wednesday, Mar 10th
Wednesday, Feb 24th Wednesday, Mar 17th

Wednesday, Mar 24th
Wednesday, Mar 31st


Training Topics:

-       Feb 10th – Intro to program, mindset training, and goal-setting (Richard) 

-       Feb 17th – Self-Mastery and personal production (Richard & Mike) 

-       Feb 24th – Creating your best health (LaMonte)

-       March 3rd – Communication and influence (Mike and Richard)

-       March 10th – Leadership—Creating high-performance teams  

-       March 17th – Fitness foundation and 15min workout session live (LaMonte) 

-       March 24th – Tools to build your faith and spiritual life (LaMonte and Richard)

-       March 31st - The Art of Relationships (Richard)

Cost: $899

Topics covered in the Telegram Chat:

Health Fitness Relationships Career & Business Faith
Diet Routines Communication Goal setting Spiritual life
Recipes Live workouts Conflict resolution Team building Faith in self
Challenges Challenges & support Influence & leadership Sales Daily encour-agement

A Life Mastery System Monthly Planner will be sent as soon as the program is purchased so it can be utilized throughout the program. Once the program is completed each member will receive a NowRise Mindset T-shirt and a Certificate of Completion. A chart to show the growth of each program member by the end of the program will also be shared within the Telegram chat group.




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