Life Mastery System

Level 1 Certification Program 

1 Month

This Program is for 4-6 people per program

This Online Coach Certification Program was created because of so many clients coming to me with the desire to better their ability to lead and impact those around them. Whether to impact and lead their team, employees, family, friends or the masses they are asking for a clear and practical structure, system and tools that they could use on real people with real problems. This program is a “train the trainer” type of program where you will be trained to use the tools and techniques that Richard Martinez uses. 

Whether you want to start a coaching practice with paying clients, become more skilled as a leader and team builder or just want to take your ability to impact lives to another level this program will set you up for success. In being a high-performance coach for over 15 years, I now have an arsenal of tools, strategies and systems that create immediate and long-term results. These teachings have now impacted over 25 nations and thousands of people in every industry, age and season of life. This unique and powerful program is not for everyone. This program is for the mature and those who are hungry to make impact. Through these trainings, systems and tools we have seen businesses, business owners, and professional careers skyrocket. We have seen personal potential unlocked, relationships saved and empowered, emotional struggles overcome and much more. 

What you will get:

1 two-hour session per week (zoom)

Exclusive coaching text group 

3 Life Mastery Planners (need address)

Level 1 Certification (printed)

Session Breakdown 

1st Part of Session:

5min intro (everyone introduces self)

5min intro to session (objectives)

30min 1st Teaching Topic/Tool

10min Q&A


2nd part of Session: Break into Pairs- Team leader watches only 

20min 1st person in pair leads the other through the topic/tool

5min Coaching from Team leader

20min 2nd person in pair leads the other through the topic/tool

5min Coaching from Team leader

10min Q&A 

5-10min Closing thoughts 

RISE Academy 

Level 1 Online Coach Certification Program 

Session 1

This session is about preparation and mental programing. The way you prepare your mindset will determine the level of courage, capability and confidence you will have in life. This session will train you how to use powerful mindset tools that are essential to achieving goals, overcoming had habits and behaviors and developing new skills that will set you up to succeed. 

-       Life Mastery brain booster: 

Learn how to boost your learning ability. This is an essential step that most people skip when wanting to achieve their goals. This lesson will accelerate your learning ability and give you the edge in life. You will also learn how to apply it to others and help you to help others achieve their goals. 

-       Life Mastery System Chart (choose 3 goals and write the “whys?”) & Goal System Tool:

This is a powerful system that will kill procrastination, distraction and lack of motivation. With this tool you can help anyone create a clear plan for any goal that they have. 

Session 2

This session is about facing the truth, taking responsibility, personal healing and freedom and personal power. You cannot master yourself if you don’t fully understand what you are made up of and how you as a human being function. This session will teach you how real lasting change happens and how to have both achievement and alignment. 

-       Life Mastery Programing – leverage tool:

This tool and technique will be one of the most practical and powerful tools you have ever used. This will give you the leverage in life you have been looking for. With this tool you will be able to help people get so clear about their goals that nothing will stop them. 

-       Life Mastery Mirror Exercise (4 Square) 

This tool is one of the most powerful yet easiest tools to use on anyone and it creates immediate clarity on what is holding them back and the tools they have to overcome it.  

Session 3

This session is about learning where one’s behaviors come from. Why do people do what they do? What drives people at their deepest core?  Understanding these things will not only set you up to have more self-control, self-discipline, self-freedom, self-confidence and more but will also set you up to also lead others to gain the same.  

-       Life Mastery’s inward reality: 

Beliefs determine behaviors- Soul wounds

You will learn where all behaviors and habits come from. You will know how to help people to identify what the habits and behaviors that are stopping them and the root causes so they can create long lasting change. 

-       Life Mastery Visualization Healing Session: 

This session is like an emotional surgery. You will learn how to use visualization to provide some of the deepest healing that be experienced. I have seen literal miracles happen because of this exercise.

Session 4

This session is about attitude and energy as it’s foundation. If there is one thing everyone would like more of, it’s energy. Low energy levels make it difficult to be productive and engaged in everyday activities. Energy is key for success and the quality of it. We have found that in the fatigue and low energy levels are two of the most common problems that are hindering personal and professional growth, efficiency, production and competitiveness. In this session you will learn principles and techniques to generate immediately and maintain a high-quality energy that creates efficiency and production. 

-       Life Mastery’s 3 Keys to Confidence (Identity, Acceptance and Purpose)

If you don’t have these 3 things settled within yourself apart from anyone or anything else you will be defensive, unstable, distracted, easily swayed and influenced and unhappy with yourself and life. You will make sure you have clarity in these three areas and will be able to walk others through the same process.