Why Structure Matters

Why Structure Matters

Structure is all around you. Anything that you see or use has a structure to it, even the unseen like your mind! Having structure in your life is important because it helps minimize the stress from daily life. Being organized prevents you from feeling overwhelmed and being unproductive. Once you begin to implement structure in your day to day schedule, you will no longer be able to use the excuses:

“I have too much to do!”
“I don’t have enough time.”“I don’t know where to start?!”

Whether you are looking to apply structure in your personal life or in your business, it all leads to the same thing: Achieving Your Targets!

Businesses require structure to grow and to be profitable, otherwise, your team and your mission will be pulled in all sorts of directions. This can be applied in your own personal being as well. You need to be structured in order to grow as a person and in your life as an entrepreneur. Think about it as a foundation to a house, without one it is destined to collapse! If you don’t have a foundation for yourself or your business, you are setting yourself up for failure.

So, what do you need to have a great structure?

The first step to having structure is planning. Plan to have enough people on your team with the right skills and attitude to accomplish your company’s goals. This ensures that all responsibilities are clearly defined and will leave no room for excuses as to why things did not get done. Make sure that everyone has a description of what their specific duties are and outline when things need to be done by. This can include: sales goals, projects, paperwork, etc.

Just like you need to plan things for your team, you need to plan for yourself, especially if you are in a position of leadership. Decide that you are going to lead by example. Showing others that you do as you say is one of the greatest qualities of a leader. This not only gives you respect from those watching you, but you have the leverage to influence your team and help them grow as individuals. Another stepping stone leading you towards success!

Implement Structure By:

  • ●  Planning your week ahead of time.​Be sure to include designated time slots for you to take a moment and reflect throughout the day.

  • ●  Plan your day the night before. This may be more ideal for those who have a schedule that fluctuates a lot or if you are suddenly hit with a project that you need to shift your attention to on short notice.

  • ●  Have an intentional morning routine. ​Routines make it ideal for you to be as efficient as possible. You can knock out all of your personal tasks and then focus on doing what necessary for your business.

  • ●  Schedule specific times to check-in. ​If you have a planner, this is where you can check off that you are exactly where you need to be in your day. Make this fun! You can reward yourself with things that you enjoy or simply be happy that you are being proactive and knocking things out!

    Benefits of Having Structure:

    You will notice a difference when structure is in place. Your team will have established accountability and so you will you! Structure will also allow for better ​communication.The flow of information is essential to your company’s success and this can only be done through clear lines of communication, where nothing is overlooked. This is a must, especially if you are part of a bigger organization where there are multiple levels of management and they are all requiring daily, weekly, or monthly reporting (of course depends on the type business). Overall, you will notice that efficiency and energy will be at a higher quality.

    Another thing that will be made clear will be relationships​. All of the members of your team will know as mentioned above, whom or what they are accountable for. Things can’t fall through the cracks! Clear relationships will make it easier for those in positions of leadership/management to supervise the groups they are responsible for. This way they won’t have to chase or stress about who has certain paperwork or where a certain person is when they are needed. The rest of the team will also benefit from this because they know who they can turn to for help. At this point, everyone will know where the boundaries are and won’t overstep into things that are not their responsibility.

    Structure will also bring forth those team members who shine the brightest and may be best for specific positions or tasks. You may have some pushback from people that don’t like structure and refuse to follow the guidelines, which is fine because that will leave you with the right people! As a person in charge you want only the best, right? You need to make sure that you hire individuals and give promotions to those who are proving their value and that are hungry. These are the ones that you will want to groom and develop to be the next people in line to take your place so that you can focus on things that need more of your attention. Again, everyone wins.

    The key is to recognize that without structure deadlines, projects, and goals will not go through. The targets that you so desire to hit will be nonexistent. This is why structure is crucial for you and your team. If there is no definitiveness of what is going on ( the purpose of the work) then anything can happen and it usually won’t be what you had in mind. Prevent disappointment and hardship by planning ahead and being prepared. Structure is everything, without it you can’t build anything!