Training Your Inner Voice

Training Your Inner Voice

Have you ever wondered what sets those who accomplish great things apart from those who fail to grasp their ambitions? Some things that may cross your mind may be their intelligence, their inclination for risk or new opportunities, or even their creativity. You may even have other guesses, and they would make sense, but that's not exactly what drives us to obtain the things that we want.


It has been proven time and time again that the best predictor of someone's success in life is your mindset. Success comes unto those who are open to improving and growing as people no matter the task. Those who achieve great things generally believe that they can continue to grow and improve no matter their status in life. This is very important because many people sell themselves short when it comes to having continuous growth because they believe that they can't go beyond what they already know. While doing so, they are creating roadblocks for themselves, and it keeps them from reaching their full potential. 


Unfortunately, there are many cases where people do know that they must make a change but refuse to do so because of fear. The unfortunate thing is that they are also conscious of the fact that making a change would actually release some stress, open doors, or make life easier for them in general. Think about it. There are many "small" things that people struggle with when it comes to change and their mindset. We can consider a weight loss journey, for example, or a simple lifestyle change. So many people go to doctors for illnesses or symptoms that they just can't get rid of, but when they do go in for a diagnosis (for reassurance), most refuse to do what is recommended for them. Surely, doctors can prescribe them medication, which in reality is a band-aid for the problem, but the real cure is in your mind. The other scenario would be that the doctor tells you that you need to change your diet, exercise more, and hydrate; so what would you choose? Most agree to follow those orders, but shortly after fall off. Why?


Because they don't control their mindset and forget the purpose of why they were making that change. This comes through as laziness or making excuses for not having the time to do things for yourself to make you feel better. Then what happens? They begin to feel those symptoms again, and sometimes they even come back worse than what they were. Do you see how strong your mind is and how we tend to steer away from what we know is beneficial for us? We are given simple instructions, and a lot of the time, we choose to make it complicated! Again, this is precisely why you have to get your mind organized and listen to that voice inside that tells you, "Hey, stay on track!"


So, what happens if you have a closed mindset and you just can't find a way to break the bad habits that keep you behind? You try again, and if you fail, you adjust your plan and TRY AGAIN! If up until now, you have looked at the world through a closed lens that's not letting you see things

exactly how they are, a.k.a a fixed mindset, then it is time for you to fight back and view your current abilities as works in progress. It doesn't matter what your goals are; if you had a bad day or someone talked down to you, keep going! A few things that you can do to fight back and train your mindset to be the best cheerleader are:


1. Consider Your Mindset as a Voice:

Think about how a mindset manifests itself. Your mindset controls the way you talk to yourself in the privacy of your own head. The moment you recognized this fact, it is the moment you take the first step towards achieving a growth mindset. When you approach a challenge, the voice may say to you, "Are you sure you can do it?" or "What if you fail?" How many times have you asked yourself that?

Pay attention to your thoughts and see if you frequently tell yourself anything similar to those questions. If you catch any fearful or negative self-talk, take a moment to correct that and replace those thoughts with positivity. Change won't happen overnight, but the more you practice this, it will settle in as a healthy habit.


2. Choose Growth:

Now that you know what to look for when it comes to manifesting things in your mind, the next step is recognizing that you are not "stuck" to the mindset that you currently have. Just as much as your thoughts and opinions about things change, your mindset is just as flexible.

How you interpret challenges, criticism, and setbacks is always your choice. This means that you have the power to say what things you will take in as "constructive" and "useful," and you can throw the rest out. An individual with a growth mindset will consider criticism as an opportunity to work on their strategies, effort, pushing limits, and expanding their abilities. Don't be scared to adapt! Change isn't something to fear.


3. Talk Back to the Voice That Challenges You!

The moment that you hear that negative voice in your head, you have to talk back to it and shut it down! You must tell that voice about why it's wrong in telling you that you can't do something. When you catch yourself automatically framing situations, making assumptions, or even feeling anxious, take a moment and step back. Analyze your situation, reflect, and really understand why your beliefs are what they are. If you find that there is no real logical reason to feel a certain way that you defaulted to, then you know it is time to make a change.


Remember, you can do anything you set your mind to...literally!


Train your inner voice to make you stronger and better by applying the above. Also, make sure to take notes and track your progress because it is the only way to see if real change is taking place.


You can do it!