The Power of Expectations

The Power of Expectations

Have you heard of the power of expectation? It is absolutely amazing. The power of expectation is our ability to influence and create reality. Your goal should always be to use the power of influence for good and with a dash of positivity to bring forth an awesome life for you. Expectations can either make you or break you, it all depends on what you put out there and what you act on. So, what kind of expectations do you have set for yourself and for your life? What are you allowing to happen?

Having Hope

Confident expectation of coming good is called​ hope.This is a key part in unlocking possibilities and potential in your life, no matter if the situation is ideal or not. You have to be hopeful and look past the things that may seem bad, upsetting or inconvenient. You need to learn to be able to not necessarily ignore challenges, but to look at them as just something you have to get through in order to unlock the next level, kind of like a video game if you will. It’s not an easy task, especially when you are reaching a higher level of excellence. The greater the person you become, the greater and bigger the obstacles. Challenges don’t present themselves to break you and leave you hanging, but to sharpen you and make you stronger than what you were. With that being said, always embrace the problems that come your way and think of the possibilities. There is always growth and new knowledge on the other side of adversity.

Have faith​. This means also working on having a better and more positive perspective.

  • ➔  Talk to someone and share your vision for the life you desire to have​.Speak it into existence. Let it be known that you only want the best for your life!

  • ➔  Surround yourself with like-minded people or people you admire.Create an environment where you will thrive.

  • ➔  Create a plan of action to bring your expectations to life.How are you going to make it happen?

  • ➔  Positive and loving self-talk​. Words have power and what you say will come to life! Be kind. But what is on the other side of hope...


    These are the things that happen to you or that have been happening and you have somehow normalized them. You expect these things to be there and they will continue to do so until you put your foot down. You have bought into the attitude of “Oh, this is just going to be my life, I suck and things like this just keep happening”. The important thing is ​to not expect​hang ups or normalize bad things that have been taking place. Don’t give these things too much time and energy. If you don't make a change to stop them, all you are doing is enabling the cycle to continue. Break it! Expect more, expect better and expect higher. You may not be aware of it, but it can be a generational cycle and you have the ultimate power to stop it! So, don’t accept the things that ​you​ know​ that are not good in your life and get rid of them.This doesn't mean that things will always be perfect, but the way you react and what you allow to affect you is what will make the difference.

  • ➔  The individual who wants to succeed must think ​success:​Think upward, progressively, creatively and optimistically.

  • ➔  You will go in the direction in which you face: If you look towards lack, then you will go that way. Turn around and refuse to look in that direction. Don’t think about it, live it or recognize it.

  • ➔  Don’t have an attitude of lack: ​Lack of fear, lack of self, lack of faith and lack of abundance.

    Remember that hope and hang ups are what will determine the quality of your life. What you think, what you believe and what you see is what creates the quality of your life. So expect the best for yourself. You will have the career of your dreams, you will have optimal health and peace of mind. It will take some work on your end, but if it is already done in your mind then all it needs is time to come to life. Approach your work with an assurance of victory that will attract what you want.

    Choose today to expect only the best in every area of your life, and surround yourself only with those who will do the same with you.