The Name of the Game-Confidence

The Name of the Game-Confidence

In order to succeed in anything that you desire, you need to face and overcome any fear that you may have. Being confident doesn’t mean that you are not scared of anything, it is acknowledging that although you may not know the exact outcome of something you don’t hold yourself back. Instead, you push yourself and stretch your limits every single chance that you get. Pushing yourself in the moments that you feel scared is when you allow yourself to break away from your comfort zone and grow. Notice that people that are successful show a high-level of confidence in a specific area of their life that causes them to execute and make an impact in the industry that they are in or want to be a part of.Confident people always work on developing and perfecting their craft, and that includes building their confidence while doing so.

So, what are you waiting for?

Confidence​ is very important to your success because you are showing others that you know what you are doing. You are grounded with who you are, you know what you want , and you know how to execute. You are telling others “Hey I am here, let’s do this!”. It’s all a matter of being aware and continuing to develop this skill overtime. Think of your confidence as a seed of a plant that you’ve been waiting to grow; you have to water it and give it the care and attention it needs in order for it to sprout into the beautiful plant it was created to be. It is the exact same thing with confidence, in order to get it to the level that it should be at you need to:

Be honest with yourself:What is your confidence level currently at ? How are you nurturing it?Be aware of your current state of mind:​Are you being positive and open to challenges/change?

Acknowledge your weaknesses:​What areas in your life do you struggle with?
Acknowledge your strengths:​What are you naturally good at ?
Who are you and who are you not:​What makes you unique and why are you not like others?

If you neglect this area of your life you are doing yourself a disservice and creating a road block. If you are wondering why you are struggling with certain aspects within your personal or work life, take a moment and look at where your confidence stands. This could be decreasing your overall productivity and effectiveness in all areas of your life, especially if you consciously are allowing yourself to be like this. Know that you have the power to take control of your confidence!page2image1687264

Another thing to keep in mind is to not confuse​ confidence​ with ​arrogance,because then it defeats the purpose of having confidence in the first place. Arrogance can come across as rude and a lot of the time it can be seen as insecurity. You want to show others that you are comfortable in your own skin and that you are secure with who you are, all while also showing humility. Being humble and confident go hand in hand because you are controlling the power that you have within you telling you that you can do anything, but you are always aware of what you ​may not​ be able to do. This is not limiting yourself, it is simply being honest that your strength may not lie in a certain area and you know how to handle it.

A common example is when someone asks you a question about a subject that you either were not prepared to talk about or you just don't have any knowledge of it. What do you say?

1. Are you honest and say :

“ I do not have the answer for you right now, but I will figure it out and get back to you on that.”

2. Do you completely dismiss it and say:

“I don’t know.”

3. You just make something up on the spot .

The best answer is of course #1 because you are being honest with both yourself and the person asking the question. Saying that you don’t know can be risky because you can come across as careless and maybe even lazy because you are showing no effort in trying to find an answer. Number 3 is a bit of a gamble because you are allowing the possibility of being wrong (which could end really badly depending on the situation) or you can be right and be just fine! The key here is to​ be prepared ​, because if you are prepared then you will be ready for anything. If you are ready for anything , then your confidence will sky rocket. Always be ready!

Whether this is for your own personal development or something that you want to apply to your life as an entrepreneur, you have to have a solid level of confidence to put yourself out there; for relationships, networking, communicating , or growing your business. You are taking a risk in having to convince others why you are the best choice and that they should invest their time, energy or money into you. This is why you have to be prepared. Be the person that protects and develops their confidence at all times.

Start with the small things to build your confidence:

Make your bed first thing in the morning after you wake up.
Smile. Tell your face what to do!
Drink water and eat nutritious food. Food = Your Mood.
Create a list of what you are good at and meditate on them. This can get you going!Do what you say you will do! Be a person of your word.

Listen to music that boosts your mood and gives you energy!
Look for the good, potential and have faith in yourself. Life is a confidence game.