The Most Powerful You

The Most Powerful You

Being a powerful person does not mean being a perfect person. If anything, a true powerful individual
embraces their imperfections and weaknesses. This type of person is aware of what they can and
cannot do, and they know how to manage both of those aspects of their lives.If you know where you
are strong , it is easier to do everything: communicating with others, completing tasks, and building
trusting relationships. Developing the habits of a powerful person and understanding how to evolve

into that state of mind takes consistent practice, as well as accountability.

If you want to tap into the most powerful version of yourself, start by being intentional with every

step that you take, even the smallest ones.

At the heart of every action that a person takes, there is also a step being generated: in the direction
towards or away from power. You can apply this in your workplace or in your personal life. Now,
how can you identify where the power lies and how can you gain control of it? Let’s say that you are
someone that is working at a job that you hate: you have no motivation to get up in the morning, it is a
daily drag, you constantly complain about it, and you feel like you probably aren’t getting paid what
you are worth. What you have to do here is figure out why you are there to begin with. How long have
you been feeling like this and why have you been dragging it along? Answering those couple of
questions will help you realize whether or not you have been using your power and applying it
correctly . Consider this:
● If it is not something that you are passionate about , then yes you will be unhappy and
unmotivated to be there.
Have you gotten too comfortable ? Are you there because you’ve chosen to not look somewhere else?


● You are wasting time and energy on something that won’t lead you to where you really want to
You will burn out, not because you are tired of but because you are uninspired.
● You are in an environment that isn’t allowing you to thrive: emotionally, financially, mentally
and spiritually.
Get serious about taking time in finding what you want to do and where you can truly grow
considering all aspects of your life. What kind of life do you want to have?
Realize that the sooner that you take action and start making changes, everything else will shift. Your
energy, your drive to get things done, your reason why to get up in the morning, your confidence and
the overall essence of you. This applies to not only the example above, but also for your relationships.
If you are unhappy with a relationship, whether romantic, business or friendly you have the power to
make a change. When you stop complaining, being negative, being unhappy, and meditating on all
the bad aspects of where you feel “stuck”, you will see that your power of will alone can get you to a
better place.The key here is taking personal responsibility. No one but YOU can make you do what
you want to do. The real power is knowing that you become what you believe you will become.


How You Can Develop This Skill:

When processing and understanding the power within you, you will then know that moving forward
you can’t consciously blame anyone for your reality and you can only seek acceptance from yourself
when making changes. Any type of validation has to come from within you because only you have to
deal with the benefits or consequences of your choices and actions, good and bad. In this case, it is all
about you.
In order to become the most powerful you :

1. Develop your emotional intelligence: Understand that you can’t give others the
power to control how you react to things. No one can make you feel how you don’t
want to feel.
2. Know what you are made of: Are you a follower or a leader ? What is your
personality like? How self-aware are you?Remind yourself that you need to be an
intentional individual.
3. Be mindful of what you are looking for: Whatever you are searching for you will
find it! If you are only looking for negative (or positive) things, that is exactly what you
will find.


4. Learn to generate high-quality energy: If you don’t feel good, you can’t focus and
put your best effort forward in anything that you are doing. Interrupt the bad energy
and get yourself back on track. Get up , move around, keep your eyes on the prize!
At the end of the day, it all comes down to self. Self control and self awareness. Control of your
energy, time, thoughts, perspective, success, health, everything! You are the driver of your life. The

only one determining where you will go guessed it, YOU.

What are you waiting for?!