The Mindset of a High Achiever

The Mindset of a High Achiever

Have you taken notice of any commonalities of people that routinely reach their goals? Today I want to share are a couple key factors that you need to put into practice while you are on your journey of transforming and evolving into an unstoppable high achiever.

This is your high achiever checkpoint!

Let’s start with what you are doing to actively create and kick-start your motivation, aka fuel for your day. What is the reason for you to get up today? Did you wake up excited and energetic to conquer the day? If you don’t have a set reason as to why you do what you do, you need to be clear on that prior to moving on to the next couple of items at this check point. If you need to take some time to think and solidify your why (a must), do so before checking off the following things—together they will make so much sense.

1. Being a continuous learner.We are The only ones that limit ourselves based on what we know and by what we do, based on what we know. Your opportunities and abilities are limitless when it comes to completing a goal, it really all depends on where you are applying your work, time and energy. This is an opportunity where you can practice being more open minded and you will notice that stepping out of where you feel comfortable is not as bad as you thought. Remaining in a place of “comfort” will actually prevent you from growing and excelling in many areas of your life, and block you from reaching your full potential.

You pass the test of being a continuous learner if after learning something new, you are living it. Don’t confuse this part with just understanding. You didn’t learn it if you aren’t owning it and showing it. Don’t let your ego get in the way here, there is no room for that. You don’t know everything that you need to know. If that was the case, life would be pointless and frankly quite a bit boring. Take this as your chance to create and make healthy habits.

This is a significant factor for growth and overall success. Knowledge isn’t enough, apply and incorporate what you learned into what you already do.

2.Being a person who has solutions not excuses. Bottom line here is that no one likes a complainer or a negative Nancy, especially when it comes to a high achieving individual. You will hardly, if ever, hear a successful person ramble off about how exhausted, stressed and overwhelmed they are. They just don’t talk that way. It’s not that they are immune to stress or being overwhelmed, rather they do something about the problem instead of wasting time looking for sympathy. This is where you go through the list of what you can do to find balance and solutions. Cut out unnecessary obligations and take more action! Don’t waste energy talking about the problem—recognize the challenges and get moving on what options you have.

3.Being mindful. Successful individuals actively practice mindfulness and being present in the moment. With this you learn to value what is going on right here, right now. This type of individual doesn’t have the time or energy to stress about what happened prior to the presentmoment or stress about the future. This is taking control of your choices and mental energy. Mindfulness is not something that comes naturally to everyone, but it is something that is practiced and that you have to focus on improving. If you are unsure of whether or not you are mindful, think about how you feel when you go out and are around family or friends having dinner. Now, are you really listening to the conversations being held at the table or are you thinking about what you have to get done at work tomorrow? If this sounds familiar, start making those adjustments and bring your attention back to right now.

4.Keeping your eyes on your own work. High achievers do not judge or compare. Why? Well, because this is throwing away your energy. It’s not only not judging others, but also not judging yourself. Of course, there is a difference between holding yourself accountable when trying to get something done and being too harsh on yourself when evolving into someone better. You have to remember that we are all built differently and are unique in our own ways, so our roads to success will not be exactly the same. Comparing isn’t relevant and can give you a false sense of ego sometimes, because who you are and what you are capable of has nothing to do with anybody else but YOU. Whether you think that you are more or less than someone, let it go entirely—it is isn’t useful when trying to better yourself.

Once you begin to put these high achieving habits into practice, if you haven’t already, make note of your thoughts and improvements along the way. Journal how you feel and deal with challenges once you begin applying the changes mentioned above. Do you notice something different? Maybe you are feeling more confident and capable of doing new things. There is always room for improvement, so don’t fear change.

Make growth your best friend.