The Greatest Gift Your Health

The Greatest Gift Your Health

The greatest gift that we can have in our lives is our health. We often overlook the simplicity, but also the complexity of our bodies. We breathe without thinking about it, our heart continues to beat without us continuously telling it to and we are able to get up and walk. It really is the simple things that humans are given that are taken for granted because we just expect them to be there, which is not necessarily a bad thing ( these are great expectations) but sometimes the gratitude isn’t there for them. Always be thankful for your health, but don’t forget that you have to do your part in maintaining it.

Your body is your vehicle, literally like a car. If you forget to put gas in your car, what’s going to happen? Your car isn’t going to turn on and it can’t go anywhere or take you where you need to be. So, if you skip meals or don’t eat the right food then your body will react exactly like the car. You are bound to feel lethargic, unable to focus, grumpy, stressed and you will have no energy! If you have no energy then you are putting yourself in a position of disadvantage and ineffectiveness because you won’t want to do anything! If you are wondering why you feel like you are always dragging your feet, have you checked on what you’ve been putting in your body? Are you drinking enough water? These are things that you have to be aware of every single day. Once you begin to implement this little by little, you will begin to feel the change and you won’t want to go back!

Yes, change is not always easy, but the reward at the end and during your transformation is all worth it. The key to having optimal health is really doing your part on giving your body what it needs for it to make you feel great. Keep in mind that change is good and it represents growth. Growth equals life and happiness! So, what do you need to focus on to get yourself on the path of a strong and healthy body?


The Must Have’s:

  1. Fresh Air:​ No matter the time of day, it is crucial that you get as much fresh air as possible. A lot of people work indoors and they are always breathing in recycled air, along with their fellow co-workers (ever wonder why the whole office gets sick?!). Not only while at work, but on the way to work they blast the air conditioning or heater in their car and that is also recycled air! It’s simple things that you can do to get some fresh air. You can drive with your windows down or crack them a bit to at least get a breeze from the great outdoors in your car. You can also wake up a bit earlier and sit outside before going about the rest of your day; try reading, meditating, or having your breakfast outside if possible! Bottom line, breathing ​fresh movingair is the best. It can also increase your energy and make you feel motivated!

  2. Water​: This is what we need most and usually don’t drink enough of it. Did you know that your body is made up of 70% water? You better tone it down on those lattes and carbonated drinks! The best time to drink water is as soon as you wake up and continue hydrating throughout the day. If it helps, set reminders and alarms on your phone to tell you it is time to drink more water. Thirst sometimes comes across as hunger, so before you begin snacking on anything consider whether or not you’ve had enough water that day. Always drink water first!

  3. Sunlight:​ Sunshine is a very important component of your health. Did you know that it is the highest source of complete nutrition? Sunlight is actually one of the greatest healers when it comes to lifestyle diseases: obesity, diabetes, and heart disease for example. Just like water, people don’t get enough sunshine. So instead of staying indoors in the mornings or in the afternoon, go outside, go for a walk or a jog and get at least 30 minutes of sunshine on as much skin surface as possible.

  4. Whole Foods:​ Everything that we need to eat to be healthy individuals has been given to us by mother nature. Anything that grows from the ground or comes from trees a.k.a food that is not frozen or packaged! The nutrients that come from whole foods give us the capacity to fully heal ourselves from disease. So, if you are currently dealing with some type of disease, take a good look at your diet. Are you eating nutritious meals as much as possible? Have you considered meal prepping to save you time and to keep you away from making other meal choices? Meal prepping may be the best, especially if you have a full schedule!

    Now, this doesn’t mean that you have to make a diet change overnight, if anything it is best to do so gradually. Baby step your body into eating better foods and slowly detox from all the chemicals that currently exist in your body. You can do it!

  5. Movement​: Get up and get moving! Feeling down or stressed? Get up and walk around for a bit. Need an energy boost? Do a few jumping jacks! The key is to keep your blood flowing is to


have regular movement throughout the day. This not only boosts your energy, but it also fires up your immune system. A well-kept immune system can protect you from viruses, bacteria, and overall sickness. Break a sweat for at least 30 minutes every day.

All of the must-have’s that were mentioned above are amazing for you, but don’t forget to include the unseen. The things you are feeding your mind and spirit. You can also tap into these through the above activities. Take in the joy of sunlight and feel gratitude. Exercise will provide you with mental clarity and emotional stability because your emotions and thoughts will be redirected. If you really desire it, you can have optimal health at any time, it will just take some work.

Health will provide you with a state of complete​ harmony​ of your mind, body, and spirit. Get started today!