Losing the Scarcity Mindset

Losing the Scarcity Mindset

Did you know that what you achieve inwardly can and will change your outward reality? This means that whatever thoughts you are manifesting in your mind can come to life through strategic planning and executing. It is literally making your dreams come true. So, why is that that so many people are failing to do so? A big reason can be due to lack; many individuals are in a state of lack and this causes them to fall off track. This type of mindset is essentially the idea of scarcity and many have not learned the proper way to grow from it.

The mindset of lack includes:

  • ●  A lack of planning.

  • ●  A lack of awareness.

  • ●  A lack of faith.

  • ●  A lack of discipline.

  • ●  A lack of knowledge.

  • ●  A lack of gratitude.

How to Lose Your Scarcity Mindset:

The first thing to be aware of is why you have this type of mindset. The most common reason that this happens to people is because they are told that there is only so much wealth to go around or that it will be impossible for them to break away from what their family has been able to achieve. This doesn’t only apply to your financial state, it can also include health, relationships, etc. There are many chains to be broken, but the most common one does have to do with financial status. So, once that belief is instilled in your mind, subconsciously it affects the way you seek out money, spend money, and save money (or the other things that you lack).

Once you are aware of what’s been instilled in your mind, it is your opportunity and responsibility to lay out the groundwork. You now begin to replace your scarcity mindset with a mentality of abundance!

  • ●  Begin to have an attitude of gratitude.

  • ●  Be generous.

  • ●  Stop comparing yourself and your life to others. Everyone is on a different journey.

  • ●  Use positive and loving self-talk.

  • ●  Speak words of abundance. Be positive about your day, what you will accomplish, and what

    you will gain.

  • ●  Let things go. If you don’t need them or use them (material items) give them away and make

    room for the new.

    The key to having a balanced inward reality is being very aware of what you are thinking, and learning how to block things from finding a place in your mind. A great example is when one small thing like losing your keys before you leave your house in the morning can frustrate you, then you’re late and you end up irritated. A grumpy attitude and a bad day usually follows because you never stopped for a second to acknowledge that what actually triggered you was something small.

This could’ve been corrected as soon as you caught yourself getting worked up. It’s quite simple once you begin to break things down. You misplaced your keys because you don’t have a consistent place where you leave them, which could have saved you time and you would’ve been on your way. Basically, you just have to be organized for your benefit. Doing this will prevent headaches and irritation that can lead to even bigger problems and distractions. Everyone has one of these stories because it happens more often than not!

Still not sure if you have a scarcity mentality? Some symptoms may come up as:

  1. It’s easy for you to complete small short-term tasks, but for some reason you struggle to prioritize long-term goals.

    A block can be a fear of failure and a lack of faith. Begin working on a specific and strategic plan. Break down your big goals into smaller ones to relieve pressure and help you focus.

  2. You feel frustrated or “behind” when your family or friends acquire things that you want, but still don’t have.

Instead of feeling angry about it, be happy for them and be grateful for what you currently have. If anything, ask them for advice and take what you can and apply it to your plan if it’s appropriate. More often than not, people don’t see the hard work others have to put it in to get what they have.

3. You have a negative view of your future a.k.a your “fate”. You usually feel like there is little to nothing that you can do to change the outcome of a bad situation.

In this case, you usually don’t see yourself growing or your future improving in any real way. This usually happens because you have not taken the time to realize what your mindset and actions have been like. Could you have made better choices and did they lead you to where you are? Next, is acknowledging those things and making your peace with them because there is nothing you can do to change them. Focus on tomorrow, next week, and this month. Control and give your energy to what really matters.

Ultimately, the words that you speak make the biggest difference. Out of the abundance of your heart, your mouth will speak. It’s crucial for you to know how powerful words are; they can build things up just as quickly as they can break them down. Choose to build yourself up! Talk to yourself with love and words of abundance like“​Ihave plenty of time during my day to get things done.I can handle this. I am strong and powerful. I will always have enough and more!”

You can change your mindset today because it is never too late to turn things around. There is no deadline, so you are free to cultivate a great inward reality that will produce an amazing outward reality for you.


You are enough. You are intelligent. You are awesome. You can do anything.