Killing Procrastination

Killing Procrastination

Did you know that the lack of decision is one of the biggest causes of failure? Lack of decision meansprocrastination.Unfortunately,decisionisacommonenemythatwemustallconqueronadaily basis. People often procrastinate because they are afraid of failing at the tasks that they need to complete, either big or small. Fear alone is what drives most people’s reason to procrastinate simply because they don’t want to make a mistake! They may fear the judgment that may come with making mistakes or it may just be hurting their ego. Regardless, they are holding themselves back. The problem is that they will never finish what they need to do or they may finish too late, and that has consequences of its own.

So, what can you do about it?

First, you must be aware of yourself and who you are. You are the only one who knows what you truly want and you are the one that has to put in the work. This means that the only opinion about you that should matter, is your own! The majority of people who fail, in most cases in their pursuit of financial success, fail because they are easily influenced by the opinions of others. An opinion really has no value, unless it is from someone that is holding you accountable or is your coach because at the end of the day everyone has one! Really! If you want to test your self-esteem, ask people what they think about you. Your parents, siblings, co-workers, and your friends will all have a different point of view because they only know you in a certain light. So, no matter how much you love them it is better to always protect and listen to who you see in the mirror.

If you are influenced by others opinions you won’t really conquer the skill of decision making because you are not doing it for y​ ou​. This is crucial because if that is the case, you will have a hard time bringing your desires and dreams to life! You will be stuck on what they will think, what they will do, and what they will say. Block it all out. You don’t necessarily need to make it a harsh process, simply create healthy boundaries, and let others know when you feel that they are crossing the line. Be open, honest, and firm in who you are.

You may be thinking, well who can I trust to help encourage me when I want to accomplish something? The answer is: find yourself a group of a few individuals who will simply hold you accountable or that are on the same journey as you. This will allow for encouragement to be present throughout your journey, which can easily kill procrastination since you all want the same thing. People that are truly humble and hungry for success will never push others down to lift themselves up, so it is possible to have a genuine support group. It is very important to find those who are in harmony with your purpose.

Another big key to preventing procrastination is sometimes saying less. Ever hear the saying less is more? Well, in this case, it is because you want to watch and listen to those who are around you or those who are asking you to accomplish a task. You will know exactly what you need to do (or not do)


and what your task entails. Unfortunately, sometimes it is better to not even speak of what you are trying to achieve because those watching you don’t always want to see you succeed. In fact, many hope that you fail and are delighted at an opportunity to defeat you because they envy you. If that bothers you, just remember that haters or those that envy you are actually fans who admire you, but in a slightly twisted way. Take it as a compliment if you want, but ignore it and stay in your lane! Work in silence and let your success speak for itself. Always remember that it is about you and sometimes you have to shut others out. It may be difficult because the majority of our lives are revolved and based on relationships, but those that really want to see you thrive will show it.

So, now that we’ve gotten through some of the possible obstacles that may cause you to procrastinate, it is time to give you some homework and drills! How to kill procrastination before it even happens in two easy steps:

  1. Always have a definite purpose.​Why are you doing what you are doing? It is easier to get things done if you have a solid and valuable reason for doing it.

  2. Be firm and definite when making a decision. ​If you need help here, refer to the first step! This will require a lot of courage, but you can’t get anything without a price. Don’t be scared, just plan and execute.

Don’t forget to also practice the following:

  • ●  Be easy on yourself if you have procrastinated in the past. ​You can’t change anything

    about the past, you can only control today.

  • ●  Be committed. ​Your word is the most valuable thing that you have.

  • ●  Check your internal dialogue.​How are you speaking to yourself? Is it loving and

    encouraging self-talk?

  • ●  Prioritize.​You can only do what you can in a day and you don’t need to be overwhelmed.

  • ●  Always aim high.​You never know how great your potential really is unless you push past

    your limits.

    The more that you practice these things, the quicker you can kill your procrastination. Create checkpoints and reward yourself if necessary, but always know that the biggest reward that you can get is following through with what you couldn’t before. Most importantly, remind yourself that you can do anything!