How to Build Strong & Positive Relationships in the Workplace

How to Build Strong & Positive Relationships in the Workplace

Without saying much, it goes to say that having positive and happy relationships in the workplace, is the most desirable environment. You are destined to thrive and be more productive when you can easily communicate and connect with those around you. In fact, this may cause your team to get ahead and leave room for new things that the place of business and each one of you can benefit from. This could be a raise because there is more profit being made, or a promotion because you have become a crucial part of the team. Instead of focusing your energy on dealing with problems that come with negative relationships, you must harness your energy and invest it in focusing on new opportunities.

Here are six ways that you can build strong and positive relationships in the workplace:

  1. Open and Honest Communication.

    We have all heard that the key to any successful relationship is communication! All good relationships rely on honest and open communication. People communicate in many ways whether they are face to face, sending an email, or sending a text message. It is very important to consider how you communicate with others. Take time to consider the intention of the conversation you are going to have with someone, and how you will get your point across in a way that the other person will understand exactly what you are saying. You must know what outcome you want from the conversation. Be sure to use clear and precise language to ensure that there are no misunderstandings or mixed messages. The better and more effective you are able to communicate with those you work with, the more positive and successful the relationship will be. There may be things that you didn’t know about that person you will become aware of, and it can make a big difference just by communicating with purpose.

  2. Show Appreciation.

    Everybody loves to know that their hard work is appreciated and when it is made know they shine even more. Someone that is recognized and knows that their work and efforts are valued, will continue to perform and produce results. They may in fact just go above and beyond what they were already doing. Everyone likes appreciation and wants to feel as if they are making a worthwhile contribution to the team. Showing genuine appreciation will go a long way in developing good working relationships.

  3. Be an Active Listener.

    You really need to focus and listen to your colleagues when they are speaking to you. Give them time to explain and say what they must say without interrupting them. A good idea would be to take notes while listening to them to make sure you catch all of the key points and address them once they are done talking. Make sure to maintain eye contact to show that you are engaged and attentive. You can make the other person feel comfortable by matching their body language and tone of voice. They may not know it, but you are matching them to make them feel comfortable with you and open up to you. Focus on really listening to your teammates or clients, and see how positively people will respond to you. Active listening is a skill worth consciously developing, as you will find that it will help you quickly gain peoples trust.

  1. Be Positive.

    Who doesn’t like to be around positive people? Everyone loves the positive energy and it is quite contagious. Since positivity is contagious, people are more drawn to others that demonstrate it. It could be through the way that you carry yourself, the smile on your face, the way you walk, and the way that you talk! Positivity creates energy and it will strengthen your relationships with those around you. The more you create higher quality energy, the higher quality the relationships you will have, and ultimately the higher quality results you will get. It’s a win-win for everybody!

  2. Be Respectful.

    Respect is a must across the board for everybody and anywhere that you may be. Respecting the people that you work with means that you value their views and ideas for the simple reason that everyone is different. This will enable effective and creative working relationships that will benefit both parties. This will also allow for open communication because everyone will feel comfortable and know that their voice will be heard. A great benefit from welcoming diverse opinions from co-workers, are you growing as a person and being aware of what else is out there aside from your personal knowledge. Always be accepting and open towards others.

  3. Be Clear About Your Needs.

    It is important to understand what you need from your colleagues, and also consider what they may need from you. It may sound like common sense, but many people don’t take time to do so and wonder why disagreements come about. Communicating each other’s needs can simplify and strengthen relationships, as well as eliminating misunderstandings. This will help you progress on your career path because you are clear about your intentions and aspirations. Knowing what you want and making it known can go a long way.

    For a successful career, you need to build positive and healthy relationships with your colleagues, clients, and other stakeholders in your organization. Think about your working relationships and how you can build and maintain stronger relationships. How can you be more engaged? You have the power in your hands! The more you put into building positive relationships, the more you will get back.