Generating Positive Energy Through Self-Leadership

Generating Positive Energy Through Self-Leadership

When combined, mindset and leadership mastery can create wonders. Imagine that! You have the correct mindset that sets you up to be a successful individual, who also has the skills of a leader that will thrive. You are someone who is open for continuous growth and learning. In addition, you have mastered the skill of being an influential person who knows how to communicate and connect with people in order to impact their lives. What you must figure out today is whether or not you have mastered these traits or if you are on the journey of mastering one or the other. Something you may be wondering is, well what if you’re not in a position of leadership? The truth is, that regardless if you are or aren’t in a position of leadership, whether it’s at home or in the workplace, it all starts with ​you.​ You are the commander in chief because you establish the quality of your life and generate your own energy. Therefore, you have to always take care of yourself by making sure that you are balanced in all areas of your life!

Self-Leadership & Energy

You may not always see it, but we all look at each other for some type of guidance at one point. Maybe you’re the one in the group of your friends that everyone goes to when they need help solving a problem or need a piece of advice. Also, you may not notice, but everywhere you go, say a place where you always go to buy coffee or lunch, you may be inspiring someone. It can be the employees there or other regular customers like yourself, that are admiring the awesome energy that you carry. Bottom line, someone is always listening to what you have to say, and you always want to be prepared to be the best version of yourself to speak life into others. Keep in mind that sometimes when people hear you speak, it’s not because they were directly engaging in conversation with you or eavesdropping, but they may catch an inspiring phrase that came out of your mouth. Has that ever happened to you? A stranger inspired you without them even knowing it; through a smile, through a small gesture, or through their kind comments. You literally caught some of the energy that they were radiating and changed your day just a bit. Didn’t it make you smile for the rest of the day and it linger in your mind?

How Do I Create Positive Energy?

Being equipped with the best energy to inspire others is not because “you have to”, but take it as a sign that you are transforming who you are from the inside out. You can also think of it as a way to measure your progress to see if you are truly changing. Think about what brings out the best in you and why.

A few examples:

  • ●  Valuing and loving yourself so much that you are providing yourself with the most basic essentials to make you feel happy and energized; healthy foods, exercise, time for relaxation and self-care.

  • ●  Believing in yourself; you have positive self-talk, reminders to keep you going, and giving yourself breaks when needed.

  • ●  Being honest with yourself; when you are in over your head, when you aren’t improving, when you aren’t pushing yourself enough knowing that you can, and when you are right on track!

    These few things make you feel awesome, don’t they? It’s because it all makes you feel good from all aspects. There are many more to add to the list, but unfortunately, people still struggle with just the basics. You see, when you begin to understand that your mindset is a powerful tool that can transform you into whoever you want to be, you will give it all it takes! Read that again. You know that your mind can make you whatever you want to be and bring forth whatever you desire, so why not begin to focus on the essentials? You must master self-leadership a.k.a taking care of yourself first! Trust me when I say that when you feel good about yourself, you will want to share it with others and you won’t ever accept anything less!

Begin to put all your energy and time into taking care of yourself from the core, through the basics, and build the strongest foundation possible that will make you blossom. Just by paying attention to small things that make you feel good, you will bring on a positive state of mind that will allow you to make clearer decisions on just about anything. In this state of mind, you open yourself up for inspiration, growth, and ideas that will solidify who you are and what you can do. Once you are secure and aware of who you are, then you can share the love and wisdom with those who need it as well. Do you see the pattern? Self-leadership brings to life all good things.

  • ●  Be accountable.

  • ●  Own your mistakes.

  • ●  Cultivate emotional intelligence.

  • ●  Be humble.

  • ●  Be self-driven.

  • ●  Be courageous.

  • ●  Be passionate

    Why wait?