Forgive & Let Go

Forgive & Let Go

A very common issue that people face today is being stuck in the past. They are full of resentment, sadness, anger, anxiety; the list can go on and on. Many don’t see that holding in all of these emotions is actually very heavy and it is keeping them from living at a high-quality level of life. It is not only heavy emotionally, but it affects people mentally, physically, spiritually, and sometimes even financially because they can’t focus and are drained. Can you or someone that you love relate?

The problem is that many are taught to not process their emotions or “let things get to them”, when the reality is that certain events that hurt them still cause an effect subconsciously even if they try to ignore them. Some cover up traumatic pain with drugs, alcohol, abuse, violence, and many other forms of self-neglect. Thinking that they are doing themselves a favor, they are actually hurting themselves and continuously suppressing the feelings and thoughts that need to be acknowledged. Instead of covering things up with bandaids, rip them off and do full-on surgery from the inside out!

This goes to say and to remind you that all pain is valid pain, meaning that no one’s pain or suffrage is greater than someone else’s. You don’t know exactly what they went through and how they have been affected, so there is no comparison of who is more “damaged”. What you can do is begin to acknowledge what you hold inside of you, and little by little let it out. Some things may be very difficult to speak about or even think about again, so you can take your time in working through it, just as long as you begin!

This is where forgiveness starts.

You have to forgive yourself and those that caused you pain. Some may have done or said things to you that they weren’t even aware that was hurtful to you, but forgive them. There are those that were hurtful on purpose, but forgive them also. Yes, it may seem unfair or crazy because you feel like you need an explanation or apology, but you really don’t need one if you are serious about letting go and moving forward. Don’t wait on anyone to apologize or explain anything to you, or else you will be waiting forever. What you need to do and what is most important, is forgiving yourself! Embrace all of those battle wounds that were left behind. Embrace who you are now and turn that pain into power!

Once you have stepped in the realm of forgiveness, you will notice a weight beginning to lift off from your body. Did you know that holding in any negative feelings such as anger and resentment can affect you at a cellular level? So, it is realistic for you to literally feel “weight lifting off”. Have you ever noticed chronic pain or pain that is triggered as soon as you start to get worked up? Those are trapped emotions that need to be acknowledged and released. It’s the same as the relief you feel from accomplishing a task that was stressing you out. Having chronic pain can lead to you feeling drained and having little to no energy to get things done; so you then become unproductive because of unprocessed emotions. Are you beginning to see the power in letting things go? Do you see any of these symptoms within yourself?


What about your mental health? Are you snapping at your loved ones over small things and you have no idea why? A lot of those situations are caused by triggers that have been created in you psychologically because of things that have happened to you, and you did not pay attention to them. Again, the key here is to acknowledge, forgive if necessary, and then let those things go. If you need a little more encouragement in this area, think of all of the successful people that had a horrible past, but came out on the other side better than ever. Everyone has a story and we must all embrace all that we are in order to thrive.

So, what else can you do? Here’s a little to-do list for you:

  1. Commit to letting go.​It’s not going to happen instantly, but it will happen eventually.

  2. Think about the pros and cons.​What has holding onto pain caused you to do or feel?

  3. Realize that you have a choice. You don’t have to be angry and sad forever. What happened

    to you isn’t who you are. You can choose to be happy and move on.

  4. Understand your responsibility. ​You are the only one in charge of your life, well-being, and

    happiness. Acknowledge it and make it happen.

  5. Focus on the present.​Ah yes, the ultimate reward of letting go. You now have the time and

    energy to focus on today and that is all that matters. Tomorrow is never guaranteed.

  6. Welcome peace into your life.​You are allowed to be happy and experience joy. Why not

    start today?

The list of benefits from forgiving and letting go is endless, but here are a few things:

  • ●  You will have healthier relationships.

  • ●  Your mental health will improve.

  • ●  You will feel less anxious and stressed.

  • ●  You will have a stronger immune system.

  • ●  Your self-esteem will improve.

    It all comes down to truly loving yourself and only wanting the best for your life. It begins with what you hold in your heart and in your mind. You can heal your soul just by beginning to forgive and let go. So, trust the power of forgiveness to heal the hurt and pain.

    True forgiveness is a rational act of self-love.