Focus & Get It Done

Focus & Get It Done

Your mindset is everything when it comes to accomplishing a goal. When you are serious about focusing and getting things done, you have to have a very clear understanding of what it means for you to have a set target and how you are going to hit it. This includes having the correct attitude and perspective. Maybe you already have a strategy in place, but you have noticed that it doesn't work. It could be that someone gave you some tips and tricks, but you still didn’t gain anything. So, what new things can you begin to implement throughout your day to get more out of your time?

To begin with, your attitude is everything because it is the foundation for your road to success. Whether you have a full-time job, run your own business or are looking to launch your own business, it’s essential to know what tools you already have inside of you. It is possible that this whole time you’ve had the world in your hands, you just weren’t aware of how to use your natural gifts—have you been applying the correct attitude, time and energy on the right things? Here’s a quick attitude checklist for you:

  • Are you acting with a purpose?
    When you act with a purpose, it is easier to navigate through your day and knock things out. You may be faced with challenges, but keeping your eyes on the prize and knowing what the purpose of your hard work is for will make you unstoppable.

  • Are you stretching yourself past your limits every day?
    We all have things that we know we can probably improve on and do better in. It’s just a matter of demanding and pushing ourselves to do what it takes to make progress. No one can truly force us more than ourselves. Be your #1 cheerleader.

  • Are you using setbacks to improve your skills?
    Uncomfortable and unwanted events take place in our lives when they are least expected, and we don’t like the inconvenience of not having control. Realize that sometimes setbacks are needed to refocus and realign ourselves in our work or personal lives. Don’t look at them as a negative thing, but more of an opportunity to make yourself stronger.

  • Are you grateful and saying thank you?

Being grateful means welcoming the good and the bad. This is because more often than not you will look back and say that even through the bad stuff, something down the road worked out for the best anyway. Saying thank you sets a good environment and provides great energy not only for yourself, but for those around you. Be thankful you woke up to live another day, you can breathe, work and be around loved ones. Learn to appreciate the small things that you often overlook, and when greater things come around you will see that abundance has always been on your side.

This is a very important piece to the puzzle. Are you using your time as efficiently as possible? We all have 24 hours in a day. You have 24 hours, I have 24 hours, your favorite music artists have 24 hours, your friends have 24 hours, so what is the difference? The difference is how everyone is investing their time. Highly successful individuals know that time is money. As a matter of fact, time is even more valuable than money because you never get it back. It’s a one-time purchase every day and your long-term investment will show up later in the race. Your level of success will be measured by how and what you put into your hustle: hard work, long nights, stress, and perspective. The crucial thing is where you are making deposits and why. The reason attitude is also important here is because it changes the way you deem things as important or unnecessary. You may see others doing things that you absolutely don’t want to do, but they have things that you don’t have and are also wanting. See the dilemma? Always remember that your withdrawal from any of your investments (projects, self- improvement, etc.) will be based on where you have been making deposits with your time and energy. Remember that if you want something you’ve never had, then you have to do something that you have never done. Consider the following:

What things are important in your life?
When you recognize what things bring the most value to you or to those around you, you will make better choices of where and how you spend your time.

What are the current obstacles you are facing and how are you handling them?
If you have a problem-solving mechanism down, you will waste less time trying to find solutions and avoid making hasty decisions. If you are prepared, you can move on without too much hassle.

  • Are you seeing progress and improvement?
    Saying you are going to do something is one thing, but having results to show for it is what matters. Make sure to track your progress to make sure it is really happening. Yes, even the “small” things.

  • Are you taking on the proper behaviors and action?
    This is where you ask yourself if you are really doing what you need to do. If you haven’t figured it out, then begin brainstorming of how you are going to do so—breakdown each step you need to take.

    Some of these things may seem repetitive, but repetition will bring forth great fruits!

  • Keep your fire fueled at all times: be passionate about what you are doing. This will be very helpful, especially on the tough days when things seem to be harder than usual.

  • Be intentional: always write down what you want to accomplish in a place where you can always see it. On your phone, your mirror, your agenda, etc.

  • Schedule priorities: What has to get done and what can wait? Just a tip to remember what things may be stealing your time that can actually be put off for later.

    If you find that through this journey you need an extra push and motivation, don’t be alarmed it isn’t supposed to be easy! Don’t be afraid to search for other options. Maybe you are the type of person that needs someone to hold them accountable at ALL times. Choose an individual with experience that has already mastered the journey of self-discipline or designate someone that you love and trust to keep you encouraged. Ultimately, find a mentor or a coach—it is always better for someone to guide you that knows what they are talking about and cares about your success because they have been through it already. Take that step today and outgrow your comfort zone!