Fall In Love With The Process

Fall In Love With The Process

Did you know that winners and losers have the same goals? Whether or not they reach their set goals is not what makes them a successful individual though. What makes a person successful is their​ system;​a system of continuous small improvements that give them a different outcome over another person.

The system of their habits.This is what makes a person truly successful and a winner. You may be a bit confused because the common thing said about successful people is that they always have goals and knock one out after the other, so isn’t that resilience what makes them so amazing at what they do? No! It’s the habits and discipline behind every step that they take that brings them an abundance of success. It’s all about their habits, down to the smallest ones that creates the motivation, drive and ultimately brings accomplishments.

So, what does this mean for you? You need to do a habit system check, down to the simplest most

small things that you do every day. When you wake up in the morning, what is the first thing you do?Do you go on your phone and check your social media ? Or do you get up, make your bed and get ready for the day? If you ​don’t​ have any type of routine to get you going in the morning, then that is where you need to start! Without any healthy habits, you lack self-discipline and if you lack discipline then you have no control over what you are doing. Think about it for a second. Is your life just happening or do you have control of what is happening for you? Many people are not aware of why things are going how they are going , whether good or bad, but it is because they aren’t paying attention.

A habit is defined as :aroutine or practice performed regularly ​and in many cases,automatically​.So, why is it so hard for people to create and maintain healthy habits for themselves? The reason is that changes that seem small and unimportant take a while to compound ( kind of like money in the bank) and it will be some time before you see “big” results. Take this for example: You’ve been going to the gym every single day, changed your eating habits and you are wondering why you haven’t lost the weight you wanted or gained the muscle that you expected within a couple of weeks. Most people expect immediate results when working on their physical image, but the reality is that it is going to take some time for your body to get accustomed to your new routine and start showing results. It’s nothing of another nature, it’s just science and reality. If you haven’t been giving your body what it needs to be fit and healthy for a long time, it is going to take some work to undo all of that. This goes across the board for other things as well like building a business or polishing your craft. If you are willing to stick to the small and what seem “unimportant” habits, you will see remarkable results over time.

The Winning System Consists of​:

  • ➢  Self- Projection:​ Project the image of yourself that you want to attain and practice this on a daily basis. Remind yourself how powerful your mind is and what an amazing life you can create for yourself. You have at your disposal a limitless and untapped resource to become a more creative, inventive and successful person.

  • ➢  A Positive Life-Style​: Winning is mostly about having the right attitude to unleash your untapped potential, so adjust your gears! When you understand and apply the principles of being positive and winning you are bound to feel good, think more constructively and glow on the outside. Lose the habits of harsh self-criticism, laziness, procrastination, and feeling anxious. Take the time to figure out why these symptoms are popping up and address the real problem.

    ExcellentSelf-Awareness:​ Arealwinneris​brutallyhonest​withthemselves.Youunderstand and accept your potential. This type of individual is realistic with the time and habits it will take to acquire what they want. Be open minded. Act and feel in a manner that is consistent with who you are and who you want to be!

Be Adaptable:​ Train yourself to be able to handle rapid changes. When you are an adaptable person you are not overwhelmed with change and you have no problem with some unforeseen circumstances. You think quickly on your feet and don’t dwell on the problem. You become a problem solver and when stressful situations arise you accept them and keep moving. This is a great way to help unleash your potential because you know how far you can push yourself!

Living In The Present & Creating More Winners Around You​: You are aware of the big picture and understand your role in it. You indulge yourself in what is happening around you; at work, at home, and in your relationships. You savor every moment in your life because a winning individual understands the value of time. To top it off, you influence others and create more winners around you. Everyone ends up being on the same frequency of happiness, joy, positivity, confidence and really anything good that you can possibly imagine.

It’s all a domino effect.

See, too often people make the mistake of convincing themselves that “massive success” requires massive action. They put so much unnecessary pressure on themselves to make some record breaking moves that will have everyone talking about them, but that’s not how it works! Why do you think people call these never before known successful individuals “overnight successes”? They are not overnight, it’s been a work in progress. These individuals have simply put in the work day in and day out and finally hit the tipping point where success is all around them.

Always remember that just because your transformation may be slow-paced, it doesn’t mean that you can just let bad habits slide. Ever! Single decisions are so easy to dismiss and you have to cut that out. Tiny battles like choosing to not eat a healthy meal for the day are the type of battles that will define your future self because everything has a consequence (good or bad). If you eat unhealthy food, you will feel tired and then you have no energy to get anything done...do you see it? It’s all a cycle. Construct a successful system of habits for yourself and you will thank yourself later for the abundance of things that come your way. One step at a time.