Embrace the World with Your Imagination

Embrace the World with Your Imagination

Success requires no explanation.

What exists now was only just a thought in the past. Are you aware that your ​imagination ​is a creation station? It is an invisible workshop where everything that you see around you is the ​product​of someone’s thoughts; plans and objects created by unique people. A common misconception is that in order to be one of these people or “inventors” that are really successful and continue to be, is that you have to be intelligent at some supernatural level. That’s wrong.

We can all create anything that we imagine​!


The human mind works in very incredible ways and it is an extremely powerful machine that keeps you running 24/7. There is an infinite amount of stories about people who have done astonishing things, like fully heal themselves from diseases that they were diagnosed with that put them on a bedridden path! Imagine that! There have also been stories of disasters where humans are put to the test and out of nowhere get super strength to save a life. The point is that your mind can make you do anything if you really want to and it all starts with having a ​desire.

Desire begins by what we see; everything that you look at triggers your imagination. Every single day that you wake up you come in contact with things that stimulate and develop your imagination. This is exactly how people have invented all the things that we label as essentials in the modern world and what people used for survival in the past based on how far their imagination and senses were developed. Humans have discovered that our brains are both a broadcasting and receiving “station” for the vibrations of thought and that is exactly how dreams that we have come to life. The awesome thing about this is that the imagination is​ limitless​ and we have yet to reach the highest peak of it. What does this mean for you if you’re feeling stuck with what you can do? T​he only limitation that you have and you set for yourself, all lies in your imagination.​You set your own limits.

Your imagination is like any muscle or organ in the body. You have to exercise it and nurture it in order for it to give you the best possible results:

  • ●  The more you exercise it, the more alert and aware you are of everything. This serves as a great tool for you because you filter out what you are allowing to enter your mind and you can detect what things are going to help you grow and go in the direction that you are imagining.

  • ●  If you choose to not develop your imagination, just like the muscles in your body, it becomes weak because you are not using it. This can be applied in anything that you are thinking about accomplishing:

    • ➔  Your craft will not improve or reach its full potential if you don’t put any time and effort into making it better.

    • ➔  You can’t reach your dream career or position at a company if you aren’t thinking and acting like the person you want to be. You need to already have the mindset and imagine yourself in that place that you desire to be.

    • ➔  You have to see yourself having perfect health and healing from any type of illness that you may be facing. Imagine how it feels to wake up every day pain-free and full of joy.

      The good news is that your imagination never dies if you don’t use it, it just goes into sleep mode until you decide it is time to make things happen, but it does weaken because of lack of use. Don’t let that be the case for you! Tap into those ideas, dreams, and aspirations when you have them because they are there for a purpose. It is for this very reason that the wealthiest place in the world is a graveyard, think about it! Think about all of the thousands and thousands of people that are laid to rest that didn’t live up to what they really wanted and guess what happened? All of their ideas died with them and no one knows exactly what they could have brought into the world. Every single one of them could have been super successful individuals. If you are someone that aspires to acquire any type of wealth, the key lies within your mind . Bring your thoughts to life through action !

What You Have To Do:

In order for you to build and maintain the best imagination creation station is to be on a ​continuous pursuit of knowledge​. Read that again. You have to not allow yourself to get comfortable and always be hungry for more. Get out of your comfort zones and step out and do the things that scare you. Turn off the t.v., stop scrolling through social media, and put your phone down! Pick up a book and learn something that will help you grow as an individual and in all areas of your life.

  1. Write down what you are thinking about and exactly where you want to be.

    • ●  Who do you want to be?

    • ●  What new skill do you want to achieve?

    • ●  What kind of life do you want to have?

  2. Write down as close to an exact date as possible, when you want to acquire what you are imagining.

The more specific and clear you are, the easier your journey is and it’s harder for you to deviate from the path of success and prosperity.

3. Write down and construct your plan of action.

  • ●  Who do you need to be there to bring this to life?

  • ●  What exactly do you need to do to accomplish this? Include small and big tasks.

    Listen and take note: all who succeed in life must begin with a definite purpose.Definiteness of purpose begins by desire. Desire then translates into action. Action with faith brings forth exactly what you want. Continue to give life and guidance to your ideas as they come to you; push all opposition aside.

    Accept opportunity. Be patient. Be positive. Embrace it all.