Don't Let Your Past to Be an Anchor

Don't Let Your Past to Be an Anchor

Don’t Let Your Past Be An Anchor

Allowing your past to be an anchor to your current and future well-being is something you need to attack and diminish today. If you are using past circumstances to define who you are, it is critical to take the time to address it. This includes and is not limited to: past trauma from parents, relationships, abuse, etc. Whatever your case may be, you ​are not​what happened to you. It’s not to say that the challenges that you went through were not difficult, hurtful or have no value, but there is no reason to allow those things to continue to follow you and hold you back from being the amazing person you are meant to be. Stop letting the past keep you from being the best version of yourself and lowering the quality of your life. Will you make the change today?

It comes down to how badly you actually desire to be happy. The reason is simple : you are the only one that knows how you feel about yourself , your life and you are the one that has the power to change it immediately. You may be thinking that it is impossible to make an immediate change, but it really isn’t. It all starts with an intangible thing and that is your mindset. You can’t see it or feel it , you can only feel the repercussions of what you allow in your mental space and what you speak to life. Think about what kind of thoughts you find yourself playing over and over again. For many people the things that they think about constantly are usually not something good that happened to them, it is something that hurt them, left them feeling angry or confused. Allowing this negative tape to be on replay will leave you in a constant state of wanting to know “why”. You want to know why things played out how they did. You think to yourself what you have could have done differently and maybe that would have changed where you are today. This is a trap and you have to stop it and get out!


So, how do you know if you are living in the past and allowing it to be a mental block? You may be feeling “triggered” by things that happen to you and you suddenly feel an emotion that doesn't exactly match what is currently happening. This could be because you still haven’t addressed a past incident that took place that really affected how you react to certain situations. Some people tend to suppress things they don’t want to deal with at that very moment or they just don’t know what is happening to them and they just let it happen. A lot of times we just weren’t taught how to process traumatic and very stressful things in our lives. The good news is that there is always an opportunity to learn and make the necessary changes.

Here are a few things that you can do to begin :

1. Figure out how you feel about your life and then think about why moving on from the past is necessary.

  • ●  Acknowledge what is holding you back and determine the reason why you have to move on.

  • ●  Do you need to forgive someone?

●  Are you holding onto a failed relationship? 
2. Identify your emotional habits or triggers.
  • Now, this part may be a bit more difficult because you need to deeply analyze and it requires deep introspection.

  • ●  Think about how you are living your life.

  • ●  What are your limiting beliefs?​ What beliefs have you set within yourself that won't allow you

    to go past a certain point?

  • ●  Where do you live emotionally? Are you in a constant state of fear, thinking only bad things

    will happen, always angry or on edge?

    When you are able to identify your emotional habits you will realize what you can do and what you allow to really affect you. You will notice how your emotions impact you on a daily basis and you weren't aware of them because you have become so accustomed to just letting it happen. If you can allow yourself to feel sad, frustrated, or angry you can train yourself to feel the exact opposite when dealing with challenging situations. Tell yourself that you will feel happy, positive, joyful, and strong! The key is to keep that mindset at all times no matter the situation and over time that will become your default.

    3. Conditioning Your Mind & Thought Process.

    This goes hand in hand with identifying your emotional triggers. Just like studying and thinking about your emotions and when they are triggered by something, it is the same thing with your other habits. If you are the type of person that just lets life happen to you, then this is your time to make the change and start making life happen for you!

Conditioning your mind means standing guard of what you allow to enter it. This means self-empowerment and overall self-growth. Feed your mind empowering and positive information. Something empowering for you to do can be things like reading books about things that interest you and will make you a better person, meditating, working out, and surrounding yourself with other like-minded people. You can listen to motivational videos and audios! You have access to empowering material on a daily basis, use it to your advantage!

The best time to focus on personal growth is when you are trying to move on from your past. When you are only focused on bettering yourself you have little to no time to focus on any negative things. So, take all your energy and re-align your mindset. Focus only on the present and continue to build an amazing future. Don’t let your past keep you from living your best life!