Don't Be Average

Don't Be Average
If you look at yourself and reflect on who you are, would you tell yourself that you are doing amazing
and kicking butt, or would you say that you are doing just okay? Are you putting in the most that you
can into being better every day or are you just going through the motions? Whatever you answer to
yourself, it’s your reality and hopefully you are where you want to be. If not, let’s talk about how you

can begin making some changes today.

What you need to know is that the capacity at which you desire to strengthen and increase your
success in all of the areas of your life, is one main common denominator among successful people.
Being hungry is the most important element that differentiates and determines the quality of people’s
lives. The thing is though, that it isn’t only about being hungry and wanting to succeed as much as
you want to breathe, it is about sustaining your hunger.
Being successful doesn’t stop when you hit your targets and accomplish just a few goals that you set for
the day or the week. Real success is an ongoing process where you thrive off of the energy that you
provide for yourself when you do hit those targets, but then you reset and prepare to go again! The
key is to never stop reaching for success or growth in anything that you want to do. The moment you

start feeling comfortable or stop reaching because your life “seems” better and you’re feeling a little
better too, is the moment you have allowed yourself to settle. When you start settling is when you
start having problems because you lose your vision. This is called your comfort zone; a very dangerous
place where you can lose the great things you’ve brought into your life after all your hard work. If you
are currently in your comfort zone aka safety net, then this is also time for you to step out. You will
begin to starve for change at some point.
Being comfortable is dangerous because you are saying “Okay, I’ve done it. I have reached my
full-potential.”, but have you really? This doesn't mean that you can’t celebrate milestones like
getting a promotion in your department or even getting the big raise you’ve been waiting for. It means
great, you earned what you worked for! Now, where can you apply that positive energy and success as
fuel in other areas in your life that also need a little upgrade. Yes, be happy and grateful with your new
income, new home, new position, but don’t relax for too long! There is always room for
● If you are not expanding or working on improving your career/business, then work on
yourself: mentally, spiritually, physically, and emotionally.
● If you are not working on your personal wellness, then look into what you can improve on in
your relationships: family, friends, business, or create new relationships.
● If you aren’t working on your personal life, then practice and improve your craft:
tap into your natural talents, your career, your hobbies, and learn something new about yourself.

Here are some habits that you can implement to go from average to amazing:
1. Account for all of the time that you are active during the day.
What are you doing with your time? Use a planner to track what you are actually
2. Wake up early.
Waking up late means having less time to do things. This is a habit of an unproductive person.
Get your day started, eat a healthy breakfast, and use your fresh energy to knock things out!
3. Don’t wait to feel motivated.
Do not solely rely on moments of inspiration or motivation. If you are waiting to feel
motivated, you will be waiting forever. True strength comes from pushing yourself even if you
don’t “feel like it”.

4. Read and learn some critical thinking skills.
Step away from the t.v., put your phone down and take the time to feed your mind.
Read about things that interest you, things that make you feel inspired, and read to
learn something new. Figure out how you can apply what you learn to your daily life!
Remember that it is okay to be passionate about your future. Always be consumed and excited about
the possibilities, and while doing so don’t ever apologize for being ambitious. Success waits for no one,

so go and get it.