Are You Living Your Best Life?

Are You Living Your Best Life?

In the time of uncertainty and crisis that we are currently living in, it is important now ​more than ever to really evaluate the quality of your life. It may not be an easy task, but by all means it is necessary to make sure you are on track to living your life at its fullest potential. It all starts with you. Taking the time to analyze the most important parts of your life will give you a more clear idea of where you stand and what changes you may need to make. There are three main areas that you will need to focus on in order to re-align and be sure that you are allowing only the best and valuable things into your life.

The first area in defining and determining the quality of your life is​ mental clarity.The reason that mental clarity is the first, if not the most powerful thing in your life is because when you know exactly where you are and where you want to be you are able to set yourself up for success without uncertainty. Without a clear target, you have a weak aim and an unsteady foundation that will not hold you up, especially when you are faced with adversity. Keep in mind that there are things that can positively or negatively impact and influence you, whether you are aware of it or not. With that being said, your self-awareness is crucial to this process because you may be letting things lower the quality of your life and you don’t even know it. If you have the power to do that, imagine how powerful you can be when you have full control and only allow the best in your life!page1image1665424

What you want to do is filter out and remove the things that are causing an imbalance in your mind . Consider the following:

  • ●  Attention & Focus-​be aware of what you are giving mental space to. This could be as simple as spending too much time on social media, watching tv, giving time to toxic people and habits. This also includes your attention span:are you easily distracted? Begin eliminating things that are taking away from your clarity and productivity.

  • ●  Distractions-​this is quite similar to what I just mentioned above, but it can’t be stressed enough!Aretherethingsyouknow​areadistraction,butyoustillgivethempowertodrain you of your time and energy?If you are consciously allowing this, you need to have the strength to cut them off.

  • ●  Practicing Mindfulness-​This is something that can be different for everyone, but with time and practice you’ll have it down. Think of it as a form of therapy and exercise for self-awareness. With mindfulness you can practice self-soothing techniques that calm you down in moments of stress or anxiety, as well as a form of relaxation for you. These are things that are comforting to you that you already know: the smell of your favorite candle, going on a walk in nature, reading, or maybe even taking a quick power nap to give you an energy boost. You can also practice other things such as yoga, guided meditation, and breathing exercises. Any type of physical movement can easily enhance your mood, so get moving!

  • ●  Focusing on One Thing at a Time-​The fact of the matter is, you can’t give your undivided attention and best effort to a task or project if you are trying to do more than one thing at a time. If you want to lower the amount of stress and pressure, then begin planning accordingly so that you have time to put your best work forward and allow some room for changes. This will boost your productivity and efficiency over time. Of course there are moments where you will be in a crunch, but if you keep yourself organized you will accomplish more.

    The second area of focus is your ​emotional stability.This is an area that is often overlooked or ignored because most people think that it is best to not show emotion or express their true feelings, but doing so is actually counterproductive to your state of mind. Bottling up your emotions will come to the surface one way or another if not processed and dealt with properly at the time of need. Although it is common to suppress things without trying to , there is always an opportunity to make a change. The key thing is to know that when you are in your best emotional state, you make the best decisions and this will determine the c​ urrent​ quality of your life. Think about it. If you are anxious, tired from stress, depressed, or angry, it is a red flag that there is an imbalance in you.

  • ●  Know that you are in control of your emotions, they should not control you.

  • ●  Breathe.

  • ●  Express gratitude.

  • ●  Maintain a positive attitude.

    Last, but not least is​ having functional loving relationships​. The majority of our life revolves around the people that matter the most to us or that are consistently present in our lives. When you think about it, everything that we deal with or milestones that we reach have to do with the human connection; the careers that we choose, our partners, who we spend quality time with, who we care for, and who we do things for. Right now that we are in a time of instability , most are stuck in places where they now have to deal with their state of mind, unprocessed emotions and having to spend more time with those they are used to seeing mostly in passing. This goes for those living with you or your team at work. When you have mental clarity and emotional stability, you can thrive when it comes to connecting with others and building trusting relationships. So, to truly master this area you must also master the first two because you will ​give​ the best of yourself and ​receive​ the best from others. You will see the following take place:

  • ●  Proper and open communication

  • ●  Loving others

  • ●  Creating and sharing ideas

  • ●  Connecting emotionally

    Begin implementing and setting a high-quality standard to no less than the best​ for your life.If you set that bar for yourself, you will also be letting others around you know that nothing less is allowed and if they truly care they will respect that ( and if they don’t they will fall off). Feel free and be open to discovering the real you and don’t be afraid to share your experience with others that may be looking to go on the same journey as you.

You never know who you are also inspiring.