4 Ways to Stay Close to Your Family During Tough Times

4 Ways to Stay Close to Your Family During Tough Times

If you’ve ever loved anyone deeply enough to call them family, then you know what it means to be truly blessed.  Unfortunately, getting along with family isn’t something that always comes easy.  No matter how close you are to one another, every family goes through trials and tribulations.  Whenever hard times come along in your family life, it’s important to remind yourself about what is truly important.  Love.  Sometimes life’s challenges make it difficult to think fondly about family, but at the end of the day, family is more important than anything in the world.  Here are a few tips on how to keep showing your family love through the highest of highs, and the lowest of lows:

     1. Let the Past Go:
     When arguing with family, it can be tough not to mentally time-travel and repeat conflicts from years ago. Family fights are often littered with such paranoia, judgment and criticism.  Be that as it may, try not to ruminate over past fights, and don’t blame yourself even if you notice that you’re drifting out of the moment.  Just reset and move on.

     2. Have Some Empathy:
     It sounds so simple, but you’d be surprised how often people don’t do it.  If you find yourself arguing with a family member, or just being at odds and disagreeing with them, pause and take some time to process things from their point of view.  This can help you avoid resorting to overreaction and defensiveness.  It might even give you a better understanding of what they’re going through.

     3. Don’t Be too Harsh on Your Kids:
     Sometimes parents have very high expectations for their children, and when kids don’t live up to these expectations, fear and disappointment provoke extreme emotions.  Don’t forget though that kids will be kids.  Instead of feeling stressed when they don’t meet your standards, focus on appreciating their strengths and have compassion about the fact that they’re still evolving and growing.

     4. Practice Some Family Self-Care:
     Sometimes families get so caught up in static routines that they forget to nurture their relationships.  Kids get swamped with school, parents focus on taking care of the kids, and life cements into a constant cycle of planning and order.  It can do a world of good to snap out of it and just have fun with each other.  Go for a walk together, or have a game night.  Join a club or take up a team hobby.

     Sometimes family time is stressful and messy, and you can feel it.  But there are many different ways you can unwind, refresh and ultimately enjoy each moment that’s shared with family.  It all boils down to looking at the bigger picture.  Never let the pressure of temporary circumstances push you into making permanent decisions.  Always keep hope alive for the fact that better days are just around the corner.  The more faith you pour into your family, the more you can persevere and see the hard times through.