4 Time-Management Tips to Keep Your Company Afloat During COVID-19

4 Time-Management Tips to Keep Your Company Afloat During COVID-19

The most frustrating thing about dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak is how much daily life has been completely scattered.  Thanks to the government-mandated restrictions on public gatherings, it feels like everything is slowing to a standstill – especially for businesses.  Now more than ever, managers need to come up with innovative ways of managing time, as access to resources becomes limited and the ability to do business is interrupted.  Here are a few tips on how to manage your company’s time effectively during the public health crisis:

     1. Prioritize:
     Whenever difficult circumstances place a strain on company finances, it’s highly advisable to put first things first so that you can avoid missing opportunities to maximize productivity.  Whether or not you have to improvise through techniques like working from home, make sure to coordinate all of your activities in order of importance. This creates more of a guarantee that you can keep essential transactions going.

     2. Make-Do with What You Have:
     The impact of the pandemic is far-reaching.  Supply chains have been dislocated, and all companies have no choice but to ration their resources, both tangible and intangible.  While it might not be possible to do things conventionally, figure out all the aspects of your company that can keep running without putting lives at risk, and activate them as reasonably as possible.

     3. Sympathize:
     The uncertainty of the public health crisis has an impact on everyone collectively.  One of the easiest ways to waste time under these circumstances is getting into conflicts which are fueled by an expectation of business as usual.  Recognize that everyone on your team is trying their best to survive the disruption, and offer encouragement or emotional support which fosters motivation amongst everyone who works remotely.

     4. Get Some Gadgets:
     The Coronavirus lockdown is a perfect opportunity to test out and implement technologies which facilitate remote operations.  Take your pick from the wide variety of Internet based technologies and use them in a way that’s suitable for the unique needs of your company.  Some technologies will work well, while others might not be appropriate.  As long as you can identify systems that keep your company going on a skeletal level, you might be able to avoid completely closing up shop.

    Nothing in life is more precious than time. In fact, time is the single most important resource a person can possess. The more efficiently you use your time, the more productive and fulfilled you will end up being in the long term. On the other hand, the more you waste time, the more you’ll end up having to play catch-up on the goals you set for yourself every day. All it takes to gain control of how you spend your time is some planning. Time management is more about strategy than effort. Try to organize your schedule in a way that allows you to accomplish multiple tasks in sequence, and to completion.  The more resourceful you are, the less this public health crisis will paralyze your company.