4 Tactics to Help Fire Up Your Fitness While Sheltering-in-Place

4 Tactics to Help Fire Up Your Fitness While Sheltering-in-Place

If you’re anything like the average adult, chances are you constantly dream of eating healthier, working out more, and reducing your stress levels.  Unfortunately, the majority of people with all of these good intentions inevitably end up abandoning them as time goes by.  The bad news is, it’s human nature to slip into lazy routines and unhealthy habits.  The good news though is that since everything’s shut down thanks to the outbreak, you have a unique opportunity to completely reset your life and start living healthy.  Keeping fit isn’t just a good idea because it will give you something to do, it helps boost your immune system and gives your body a fighting chance against infections of all kinds, not just COVID-19.  Here are a few tips on how to build momentum and emerge fitter from this crisis.

     1. Switch Up Your Portions:
     If you’ve tried shopping recently, chances are you’ve noticed that it’s not so easy to stock up on groceries anymore.  Even though it’s convenient to rely on delivery services for your food, use this situation to start practicing portion-control and to eat low calorie homemade food.  Whatever you do, stay away from comfort/junk food and choose to nourish your body with fresh vitamins and minerals.

     2. Purge Your Kitchen:
     As you become more selective about rationing your meals, use this time to completely clean out your pantry of junk food and replace it with healthier options. Deplete the unhealthy products as time goes by, then restock with food that strengthens your immune system and enhances your physiology.

     3.  Multitask Your Workout:
     People are more likely to participate in a behavior they're not so into, like exercise, when it’s combined with a separate activity they enjoy, like listening to music or watching TV. Instead of bingeing on your favorite TV show sprawled out on the couch, use that time to get in a workout as well. It’s easy to juggle your entertainment with fitness.

     4. Try Some Yoga:
     Even if you don’t feel energized enough to pump iron or run miles on the treadmill, there are options out there to help you avoid being sedentary. Yoga isn’t as high-impact as vigorous cardio, but over time, it leads to gradual, moderate improvements in fitness. The best way to benefit from yoga is to have long and routine sessions, modify your diet in tandem with taking up yoga, and practice a diverse selection of yoga styles.

     Staying committed to good health is only tough because people get in their own way about this goal. They walk into fitness with unrealistic expectations and give up at the slightest trace of disappointment. But the thing is, working out isn’t a goal, it’s a journey. It’s a lifelong process of self-discovery which comes with lots of bumps along the way. If you’re fortunate enough to have some downtime during this lockdown, use it to light a spark and start exercising. Beating the odds means starting slow with diet-modification, and graduating to a more manageable regimen. Before you know it, you’ll be smashing out high-intensity workouts without even thinking twice about it.