4 Problems Parents Should Prep for As Kids Stay Home During the Outbreak

4 Problems Parents Should Prep for As Kids Stay Home During the Outbreak

In light of the threat to public health posed by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, the government called for schools to close down, and communities to practice social distancing, as a way to slow down rapid spread of the coronavirus.  These closures or a good thing because they help keep communities safe.  However, there are many families out there who have suddenly found themselves with a full house of kids and plenty of spare time.  That might translate to more family bonding, but it also means more squabbles, quarrels and awkward situations as kids inevitably get stir crazy in close quarters.  Here are a few tips on how to rein in the chaos if the kids start acting up:

     I. When Siblings Bicker:
     If the kids start constantly arguing and getting on each other’s nerves, a good way to snap them out of being frustrated with each other is to get them out of their own heads.  Cool their tempers down, and ask them to do something unselfish for one another regardless of whether their conflict is resolved.  This will force them to stop fixating on their aggression and remind them to be kind to one another.

     II. When the Kids Start Whining:
     One of the ways that kids like to act out when they feel dissatisfied is whining and complaining about everything.  The more cooped up kids get, the likelier it is that they’ll start to find reasons to complain about not being able to move around freely or play outside.  The best way to remedy this habit is to avoid acknowledging it.  Make it clear that anything demanded in a warning tone of voice will not be fulfilled.

     III. Stalling at Bedtime:
      Without a regular school-night routine, chances are your kids are going to stay up late more often.  There’s nothing wrong with letting them have a little fun here and there, but you also have to be careful not to let them develop unhealthy sleep habits.  Now that they’re staying home, introduce a standard time for everyone in the house to prep for bed.  Make sure everybody goes through the same bedtime rituals at the same time.

     IV. Truancy:
     The COVID-19 outbreak might be a disruption, but it is not a vacation.  Make sure your kids understand this fact from the moment they have to stay home and give them learning assignments to keep their minds fresh. Make sure they stay up-to-speed with any online courses they’ve been assigned, and use all of the free time available to touch base with their academic progress in general.

     The COVID-19 outbreak is setting the stage for everyone to rise to the occasion.  It’s not just up to us to sit around and wait for medical experts to come up with a cure, we as a society all have to do our best to keep our communities and livelihoods from unraveling under the pressure of the outbreak.  If you’re a parent, that means taking extra care of your kids and making sure they stay calm during these stressful times.  Keep an eye on them as a stay home, do as much as you can to help them with schoolwork, and set an example of composure and discipline which will inspire these very same virtues in their own behavior.